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History of Sacred Heart Catholic School of Cainta

The Sacred Heart Catholic School of Cainta was established on December 8, 1982 by Rev.Fr. Moises Maramba, a Diocesan priest of Antipolo. 

For some time, the school was named Light Child Care Center (LCCC) that catered to pre-school children. With its primary goal, to serve the underprivileged children of the neighbouring communities of Brookside Hills Subdivision, Cainta, Rizal.

Light Child Care Center survived through the generosity of the benefactors. Different fund raising activities were held to generate funds that would finance its maintenance.

When Fr. Moises left for the USA, the centre was managed by Board of Trustees until 1995. The following year, the centre, which was a small, old structure with one classroom, was turned over to the Diocese of Antipolo under the Most. Rev. Protacio Gungon, D.D. Bishop of Antipolo in 1997. Sr. Mary Celeste M. Perez, OSB, was appointed to manage and supervise the school.

Rev Msgr. Mariano T. Balbago, Jr. then the Parish Priest of Our Lady of Light, and President of Cainta Catholic College changed light Child Care Center’s name to Sacred Heart Catholic School of Cainta to synchronized with the name of the Parish in Brookside which is Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish

The concerted effort of the new management paved the way to the opening of the Grade One class. Thereafter, one grade level was added every year. In 2001, the school had graduated its first batch of Grade Six pupils.      An increasing number of enrolees prompted Sr. Celeste to initiate the construction of a new building for the Secondary Course. School year 2003-2004 was the birth of the first batch of First Year High School with Twenty Six students.

In 2005, the school acquired the lot in front of the old building, and the construction of the three-story building started.

Since School Year 2003-2004, this new building has become the High School Department and other key offices.

In the year 2006-2007, DepEd issued a certificate of Government Recognition for a Complete Secondary Course. The following year, 20082009 the Elementary course was also granted the Government Recognition by the DepEd. 

Since then, Sacred Heart Catholic School of Cainta offered complete Basic Education Course.

The year 2013 was another milestone for SHCSC. The certification of (FAPE) Fund Assistance for Private Education (ESC-FAPE ) Certification. This program of the government provides the present and succeeding Grade 7 students a certain monetary subsidy or partial scholarship, until these concerned students graduated the Secondary Course.

Another breakthrough was added to the school’s history on SY 2015-2016. During this year the school was granted the Certification from the Department of Education to offer the Senior High School Program with the Academic Tracks ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management) and GAS (General Academic Strand). By SY 2016-2017, SHCSC had its first batch of Grade 11 students in both ABM and GAS. SHCSC was also granted permit to offer additional strand HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) on June 2019.



Message of the Director


School Director


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the DACSA MaPSA Antipolo’s official website.

I am confident that it will give you a good overview about the member school’s vision and mission and the values they uphold.

This website is also a platform for knowledge sharing. The website design allows for easier navigation of documents, programs and activities for students and parents.

We have been called to adapt in different ways over the last months due to the pandemic. I sincerely hope that you will find this website informative and useful especially now that most classes and school transactions are done online.

I encourage you to frequently visit our website. If there is anything we can do to make it better, please feel free to contact us so that we can improve it.

Let us navigate this pandemic situation together.

Admission Policies and Guidelines


Every school reserves the right to admit or refuse any student applicant, seeking entrance in the school. For our school, it is only when the parents/guardians have agreed to subscribe to the Philosophy, Vision-Mission and Objectives of the Sacred Heart Catholic School of Cainta, the Ideals of Catholic Education, and to comply with Scholastic Standards of the School, as well as to observe all its rules and regulations that a student applicant can be admitted.


Admission is a very important task of the school. Thus, policies on admission, retention, and transfer of the students have been formulated.
a. New Students
• are preferably baptized and practicing Catholics
• must submit complete requirements upon enrolment (see Admission Program no. 4)
• should pass the entrance test and interview for appropriate placement

b. Junior/Senior High School Students on Academic/Disciplinary Probation
• should sign up a contract at the Guidance or Student Affairs Office before registration
• dismissed students shall not be admitted /readmitted

c. Returning Students
• must submit complete requirements
• should pass the entrance test and interview for appropriate placement

d. Students for Further Assessment
• Certain students may be required to undergo further evaluation from authorized specialists when the committee deemed it necessary. Assessment results and specialists’ recommendations must be submitted to the Guidance Centre before the beginning of regular classes

The Admission Committee is organized and tasked with the following responsibilities:
• to handle all matters related to admission according to the stated standards, policies and objectives of the school as a whole and the department in particular;
• to evaluate the standards, norms and procedures on admission and coordinate with the Guidance Office on the proper placement of the students;
• to recommend for the proper and efficient registration of students;
• to help formulate definite policies regarding the academic probation and withdrawal of students;
• to decide on all irregular applications.


The following shall be the members of the Admission Committee:
• Principal
• Academic Coordinator
• Guidance Counsellor
• Registrar


A. New and Transferee

Admission of students is a sole prerogative of the institution. Hence, the school reserves the right to admit or reject any student seeking admission in the school.However, a student may only be admitted after she/he accomplishes/ submitted the following requirements:

a. Photocopy of Birth certificate (Original and Photocopy) PSA Authenticated
b. Baptismal Certificate (Original and Photocopy)
c. Photocopy Confirmation Certificate (For H.S Applicant only)
d. Report Card / Form 138 (Original)
e. Certificate of Good Moral
f. 3 pcs. 1×1 ID pictures
g. One long folder for all documents to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office
h. Entrance Examination Fee Php. 150.00 (Not entrance exam for SHS)
i. Must pass the entrance exam (written and oral)
j. No failing grades in academics in any quarter.
k. Voucher Certificate (for incoming SHS)

B. Additional Requirements for Foreign students

a. Photocopy of B.I Blacklist & Watch list Certificate
b. Photocopy of I-Card
c. Photocopy of Passport bio-page and latest admission with valid authorized stay.
d. Two (2) copies of Duly accomplished CGAF (BI Form-CGAF-Rev 0)

C. Admission for New/Transferee Students:

1.NSO/PSA Birth Certificate (Original & Photocopy)
2. Baptismal Certificate (Original & Photocopy)
3.Report Card/Form 138 (Original) with LRN
4.Certificate of Good Moral Character
5. 2 pcs. 1x1latest I.D. Pictures
6. One (1) Long Folder for all the documents to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office
7.Entrance Examination Fee PhP. 150.00
8.Oral Interview

Entry Age:

a. Nursery 4 years old by the end of school year
b. Kinder 5 years old by the end of school year
c. Grade 1 6 years old by the end of school year
d. Junior High School Grade 6 Graduate
e. Senior High School Junior High School Completer

Note: When a pupil or student is unable to present the prescribed report card, a certificate of eligibility issued by the Secretary of Education to his/her duly authorized representative is required.

D. Admission Procedures

1. The applicant submits all the required documents to the Registrar’s Office.
2. Qualified applicants will be issued a Payment Slip for the Entrance Fee atthe cashier. The fee is non- refundable and non-transferable.
3. The applicant presents the official receipt to the Guidance Office and accomplishes the SHCSC Application Form, and an examination permit will be issued.
4. The applicant will take the entrance examination on the date and time specified on the examination permit. In case, he/she fails to take the test during the given schedule, he/she should inform the Guidance counsellor and request for a new schedule.
5. If the examination result is satisfactory, the applicant will have an interview with the Guidance Counsellor and the Principal or his/her representative. He/ She must be accompanied by her/his parent/guardian during the interview.
6. Follow the schedule of enrolment written on the admission form.

E. Enrolment Procedures

For Old /New pupils/students/ Transferee
1. Present the Report Card and Admission Form to Window 1 for verification/cancellation.
2. Fill-up the Registration Form and mode of payment
3. Return the accomplished form for assessment.
4. Pay Tuition Fees, Books, Uniforms at the school cashier
5. Claim Books and Notebooks at the Bookstore

F. Tuition Fees

“Tuition and School Fees: Each private school shall determine its rate of tuition and other fees and charges. The rates and charges adopted by school pursuant to this provision shall be collectible, and their application or use authorized, subject to the rules promulgated by the Ministry (Department) of Education, Culture and sports. “(Section 42 of Batas Pambansa 232)

The enrolment of a student in Sacred Heart School becomes official upon payment of the tuition and fees due him/her prior to the start of classes for the current school year.

G. Accounting Policies

1. All payments and financial concerns should be transacted at the Finance Office. Always ask for a receipt for any payment made. (Please check your receipt and count your change before leaving the counter.
2. For non-cash basis, please pay according to your preferred mode/schedule of payment to avoid penalties.
3. For those paying through banks, please notify the Finance Office, and bring the proof of bank remittance.
4. For check payment, provisional receipt will be issued instead; Official receipt can be claimed after 3 days of clearing of said check.
5. “Pay as you order” on school uniforms, and books, etc. Please ensure you have the correct size (S / M/ L/ XL) of uniforms ordered to avoid the inconvenience of returns. Prototypes of your requirements will be on display at the bookstore.
6. Locker payment in the amount of php300.00 must be paid in full for the use of locker for the entire school year.

6. Policy on Discounts

1. Cash Discount – 5 % discount in tuition fee for cash basis (Plan A)
2. Early Enrolment Discount – 3 % additional discount on top of cash discount
for enrolment registered at least 25 days earlier before start of classes. For
plan B, C, D basis, the 3 % discount will be applied on the last instalment
3. Sibling Discount – 5 % discount on tuition fee each for the 3rd child, and
succeeding sibling/s.
4. Academic excellence discount – 100 % tuition fee for student with 1st
Honors, 50 % on tuition fee for student with 2nd Honors
7. Athletic Scholarship – 100% discount


a. A Sports Scholarship is awarded to outstanding athletes upon the endorsement and recommendation of the Sports Coordinator and approval of the School Scholarship and Grants Committee.

a.1. Basic Criteria

1. Must have been a student of SHCSC for at least one year unless highly recommended by the school coach.
2. Has a year-end average of not lower than 80% with no failing marks in any quarter/semester.
3. Has not been subjected to any disciplinary action.
4. Must be a member of the varsity team.
5. Must be a multi-awarded athlete.

a.2. Requirements and Procedures

1. The Moderator of the SHCSC Varsity Team, with the endorsement of the School Principal, informs the Finance Officer in writing of the candidate/s for the Sports Scholarship.
2. The student secures application form from the Registrar’s and Grants Office.
3. The student submits the application form together with the other requirements. For list of requirements, please inquire from the Registrar’s and Guidance Office.
4. The Scholarship and Grants Committee meets to assess the merits of the application. If approved, the applicant is informed in writing.
5. The scholar signs the contract.

a.3. Maintenance Requirements

1. Attends the school’s training regularly.
2. Has no failing grades and has complied with the grade maintenance requirements. Grade School/High School – 80% average.
3. Has won in at least two (2) major leagues (or its equivalent as determined by the Coach) during the school year or participation/performance
helped improve the team’s standing
4. Has not been subjected to any serious disciplinary action
5. Violation of any of the aforementioned requirements, will lead to automatic disqualification in the scholarship grant.

a.4. Renewal of Scholarship

The Scholarship can be renewed before the start of the school year. The scholar is qualified to apply for renewal if she/he meets the following criteria:
1. Application form for renewal of scholarship
2. Athlete’s statistics/scorecard/training record form duly signed by the Coach and Sports Coordinator.
3. Recommendation letters from SHCSC Varsity Team Moderator and Student Activity Coordinator.
4. Photocopy of latest report card certified true and correct by the Registrar’s Office.
5. Photocopy of certificates/awards received since last application including photos taken (properly labelled).
6. Certificate of Good Health from the family or sports doctor duly endorsed by the parents.
a.5. Requirements:

1. Report Card
2. Latest 1×1 ID picture
3. Recommendation letter (Coach Moderator)
4. Certification letter that he/she is a varsity of his/her previous school.
5. Certificate of Good Health from the family or sports doctor duly endorsed by the parents.
6. Endorsement of the School Principal
7. Certification of ESC/School Voucher

b. Senior High Schoolwith voucher. Scholars may enjoy scholarship to full discounts (100%) on tuition fee and other miscellaneous fee (except retreat, JS Prom and educational fieldtrip) for one year and may apply for renewal of the scholarship every year thereafter provided maintenance requirements are complied with.

c. Junior High School with ESC. Scholars may enjoy the scholarship to full discounts (100%) on tuition fee for one year and may apply for renewal of the scholarship every year thereafter; provided maintenance requirements are complied with.

d. Junior High School and Elementary (None ESC). Scholars may enjoy discount (50%) on tuition fee for one year and may apply for renewal of the scholarship every year thereafter; provided maintenance requirements are complied with.


The Educational Service Contracting scheme, or ESC, is a program provided for by Republic Act 8545 (amending R.A. 6728), or the “Expanded Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education, or GASTPE. Its main objective is to decongest public secondary schools by “contracting” the excess capacities of private high schools through the provision of subsidies for students who, otherwise, would have gone to the public high schools

NOTE: SHCSC is under no obligation to grant scholarship or financial assistance to any student or individual.


1. 2 % surcharge on accounts paid 30 days from due date.
2. 2 % surcharge for cancellation of enrolment on amount paid upon
enrolment and requested for refund. This transaction should be made prior
to start of classes. This is exclusive additional amount of Five Hundred
Pesos (php500.00) for Registration and other needed documentation.


Refunds are governed by the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools Article XIII, Section 66 Revised 1992 when a student registers in a school, it is understood that he/she is enrolling for the entire school year for elementary and secondary courses”. A student who withdraws from the school is entitled to a refund of his/her tuition and other fees, in accordance with the following rules:

a. Any pupil/student who transfers or otherwise withdraws in writing before the opening of the classes shall be given full refund of all tuition fees paid, subject to the service fee charged by the school.
b. Any pupil/student who transfers or withdraws in writing within one week after the beginning of classes shall be charged 10% of the total tuition and fees for the school year, within two weeks shall be charged 20% of the total tuition and fees for the school year, regardless of whether or not he/she has actually attended classes, subject to the service fee charged by the school.

c.The pupil/ student shall be charged all the tuition and fee in full if he/she withdraws after the second week of classes. However, if the transfer or withdrawal is due to justifiable reason, the pupil/student shall be charged the pertinent fees only up to and including the last month of attendance, subject to the approval by the school director.

d. The day of the pupil’s/student’s submission of written withdrawal duly signed by the parent or guardian, shall be considered the date of withdrawal.

e. Verbal notice of withdrawal shall be entertained.

f. No. 2 of letter C will apply on Refunds for Tuition Fees.

g. No refund will be accommodated for purchases made for school /P.E, Uniforms, Books and other school supplies. Please recheck your purchases against issued receipt before leaving the counter. Our responsibility ceases upon your receipt of product/s purchased in good condition.

h. If the student consumed the 20% allowable number of days to drop, it is understood that she/he enrolled for the entire academic school year and that if no refund has been made exceeding 20% of non- attendance and no official dropping form, automatically the child dropped from the registrar. No refund shall be availed of.
i. If not officially dropped, the student shall pay the remaining balance for the entire school year and the down payment shall not be refunded.

NOTE: Report Cards and other student records will not be released if there
are unsettled financial accounts.

10. Schedule / Mode of Payments

Type of Plan Mode of Payment Schedule of Payment

Plan A Cash Basis Payment upon enrolment Assessment less cash discount
Plan B Semestral Basis Initial Payment Upon enrolment
Next Payment September

Plan C
Quarterly Basis Initial Payment Upon enrolment
Next Payment July 31
Next Payment October 31
Next Payment January 31

Plan D

Monthly Basis Initial Payment Upon enrolment
Next Payment July 2
Next Payment August 2
Next Payment September 2
Next Payment October 2
Next Payment November 2
Next Payment December 2
Next Payment January 2
Next Payment February 2

a. The accounting office will issue statement of account regularly with reply slip at least one week before the due date depending on the mode of payment.
b. To give pupils/students sufficient time to secure their examination permits, parents/guardians are requested to settle their accounts at least three days before the scheduled quarterly examinations.

c. The lists of students who have paid their accounts prior to the examination period is submitted by the Accounting Office to the class advisers. Only pupils/students whose names appear in the lists should be given the quarterly examinations. [The lists serve as the examination permit].

d. Parents or guardians who fail to settle their accounts on time [Hence, the names of their children are not in the lists] may secure an approval from the Directress or her representative to take the examination at least three days before the schedule.
• Obtain a request form, including the amount due, from the Cashier.
• Submit the form, together with a handwritten promissory note, to the Cashier.
• Secure from the cashier the approved form.
• Submit the approved form to the Class Adviser.

e. The test papers of pupils/students who take the examinations using the approval form of the Directress or his representative will be checked and grades are computed by the subject teachers and their report cards not to be
released unless the accounts are settled.

f. The Accounting Office will advise the class advisers the names of
pupils\students whose accounts have been settled from time to time.

Promissory note may be allowed as examination permit provided a student gives a partial payment of his/her account due. No examination permit or promissory note will be issued on the day of the examination. Fines will be collected to those students who are going to take special examinations because of invalid reasons.


A. The parent/guardian secures an official Dropping Form from the Office of the Registrar.
B. Secure Clearance from the following

a. Subject Teachers
b. Class Adviser
c. Librarian
d. Guidance Counsellor
e. Discipline Board
f. Principal
g. Accounting Office
h. Registrar


A reservation fee of php500.00 per student shall be paid before the close of the school year. This will be part of the Tuition Fee upon enrolment. Reservation Fee is non-refundable.

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