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History of St. Michael Parochial School




It was November 1960, when his Eminence Cardinal Rufino J. Santos, the first  Filipino Cardinal of the Philippines decreed the establishment of MAPSA ( Manila Archdiocesan and Parochial Schools Association) when he was the Archbishop of Manila. He wished a “parochial school” in every parish for he believed that the school was a potent means to reach out his flock through catholic education. Hence in 1964 he graciously founded St. Michael Parochial School, the only catholic School in the municipality of Jalajala. The benefactors of which were Flash Ilorde, Susan Roces and Fernando Poe Jr. who eventually gave support to the construction of the elementary school building.

            In two years preparation, SMPS began to operate in 1966, and from thereafter piloted kindergarten, grade 1 and complete secondary years. It was Rev. Fr. Martin Guballa who administered as the endearing Director assisted by the Augustinian Recollect (AR) of Sta. Rita College who then supervised 54 students. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, SMPS continuously operate with the additional primary grade level offering of Grades 2 to 3. The school Director then was Rev. Fr. Benjamin Isip (1971-1975) with the following Sister administrators namely: Sor Rosa Padua (1967-1968), Sor Maria Gracia (1968-1969) and Sor Benidicta (1969-1972). A lay administrator, Mrs. Alicia Villadares administered the academic institution until 1975. Prioritizing the needs of the secondary course, the grade school was abolished to give way to its curricular projects and program requirements of the MECS (Ministry of Education Culture and Sports)

SMPS as a MAPSA school, continued to grow with its complete secondary course, while the Grade School was dissolved to concentrate on the curricular plans and programs for the High School because of its assessed priority needs. Sr. Evangeline Tenorio, ACT (Apostles of Contemporary Time), then subsequently managed the school from 1976-1984. Since then, with the rise of catechetical ministry, that started the parish and evolved in the lives of the natives of Jalajala, the school actively participated in the traditions and practices that came over with the propagation of Christian doctrines and values putting into realization the mission of a Catholic School providing a spirit of being a Michaelian.

In the year 1983, Diocese of Antipolo under the tutelage of Bishop Protacio G. Gungon, many changes occurred such that the school was entrusted to Siervas De San Jose (SSJ), sister congregation in Quezon City on June 4, 1984 headed by Sister Eugenia Hermonesa Jimena. There was a significant turn-over of teachers while the school was adjusting to its new management as it reached 485 number of enrollment. Christian Education and religious formation was enhanced by Rev. Fr. John Vincent Gallagher. The parents Teachers Association was organized to help in building an active participation in the academic community problems and development.

 Seminars and workshops were called for to train and develop the teachers exuding however that standard of SMPS. Other elective subjects were offered such as Citizen Army Training (CAT), Typing and Stenography. Sports Activities, cultural presentation and feast days celebration were launched. Spanish class was abolished and National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) began its conduct of reviews and practice. Integrated in the Christian formation, the students received the sacraments of baptism and confirmation where the school became an avenue for serving the Christian community.

In 1984, the entire academic community became more service-oriented imbibing charisms of love for work and passion inspired by St. Michael. An extension was built utilized as classrooms. A catechism program was enhanced as the extended its services to the public schools wherein the Fourth Year Students were immersed to these neighboring schools. The program was spearheaded by SMPS until 1992 where Sr. Felecisima M. Ramores, SSJ, the principal extended her services in the catechetical ministry of the parish supported by Fr. Sean Connaughton who at the same time the School Director assisted by Fr. Arnold Layoc in a few months. In this same year, all sections were named after patron saints. Opportunities were given to students to avail of educational tours, retreats and recollections.  GASTPE (Government Assistance to Private Education) and FAPE-ESC (Fund for Assistance to Private Education) scholarship program played a vital role in supporting the school’s finances to give greater opportunity to deserving students.

            When church advocated lay empowerment the school was then entrusted to a good steward Mrs. Lourdes T. Medina who rose from the ranks to be the Principal in 1993 when Fr. Connaughton succeeded by Rev. Fr. Cesar A. Suarez.

When the SMPS Hymn was launched this year, composed by Mrs. Noemi P. Nocillo and Mrs. Maria Teresa O. Delos Santos, it was conceptualized and originated from the prayer of St. Michael the Archangel which was composed by Leo the Great. With the support of the alumni, the patio stage and fences were built. The water system was installed fully, sound system and laboratories for typing, Technology and Home Economics (THE) as well as in Science were put up. Other rooms and offices were constructed such as the conference room and offices were constructed such as the conference room, music room, registrar’s office, principal’s office and the cashiers. Teachers were trained and trained through seminars, lectures and trainings offered by DepEd, MAPSA, DACSA and FAPE. Books then were for rentals to support students study skills and school finances. All these helped in any way to improved instruction. Journal, gazettes, magazines and students digest were provided too in the mini-library. SMPS obtained awards in different contest both in interschool competitions on a district and provincial levels.

A new parish priest who was installed in 1997 as a School Director, Rev, Fr. Luisito S. Atanacio actively involved the Michaelians in Choir, Ministry of Altar server, Lector-Commentator, Couples for Christ and youth ministry. As a consequence, the students participated actively in the Eucharist celebrations and other parish involvement. The Diocese of Antipolo assigned in this year the Sisters of the Holy Cross with Sr. Nelia J. Montuya, SHC and Sr. Corazon Mamarion, SHC to continue the administrations of Siervas De San Jose Sisters. In collaboration with some catholic schools, the school was able to acquire computer units for instruction. To further intensify instruction, a technical assistance on supervision of SMPS was handed over to the De La Salle Supervisors, Bro. Jun Erquiza and Dr. Celedona Santos who was directed by the MAPSA Area Superintendent, Rev. Fr. Paquito G. Gallego to assist SMPS in the management of its educational system.

In 2000, Rev. Fr. Rodney B. Cruz became the School Director who campaigned for the financial recovery of the school in support its projects in collaboration with the Parents-Teachers Association. More computer units and equipments were acquired for the school operations and to keep abreast with the demands of high cost of educational expenditures. During his time, a special DepEd Curriculum for foreign students was offered. When the RBEC (Revitalized Basic Education Curriculum) was introduced in 2002, SMPS adjusted with these new changes in the Curricular Offering in terms of subject-content curriculum with regard to time allotment, number of units and methodology of teaching and learning approaches as the pedagogical skills and competencies were given focus. The school needed to reinvent, reengineers and restructure its physical facilities and develop a new educational system. In School Year 2003-2004, as it celebrated its 38th Foundation Anniversary, the students won 2nd place in Dalaylay Festival in the whole town of Jalajala.

With the many changes that made SMPS achieved innumerable accomplishments especially of the late Mrs. Medina, the school moved on towards realizing the vision-mission of SMPS started by the past administrations. The advent of the new School director in the person of Rev. Fr. Roy B. Crucero in 2005 revisited the operational management of systems and procedures from finance area to registration and admission of students, instruction and student activities and services. Not only that he was concerned mainly with the faculty development program but also students’ scholarship like the FAPE ESC-EVS program to help the Jalajala community avail of a Catholic Christian education. As a liturgist the mission of the church extends beyond the Vision-Mission for he stressed the involvement of the students in the mass. He spearheaded its formulation and the statement of the SMPS Philosophy of Education as a MAPSA school, Catholic School and Filipino School focusing on the charism of St. Michael, the socio-cultural dimension of Jalajala and the identity of parish, core values, goals and departmental objectives were identified too. He was the one who initiated the construction of school fence, gate, administrative building, canopy, clinic, basketball court, renovation of the library into a bigger place conducive for research works and produced volume of world encyclopedia, instructional media such as overhead projector, LCD, fax machine, visual materials, television set, amplifiers, and reference books were also purchased. Library facilities were organized. Accredited books from MAPSA Book Center were availed of by the students. He also raised funds highlighting MR. & MS. SMPS to support some other projects. In collaboration with the alumni with the cooperative efforts of the newly-convened Administrative Council set forth a direction for SMPS to progress not only as an academic institution delivering a quality Christian education but an advocate of community service. To assist him in his endeavor and strong desire to develop SMPS were Dr. Evangeline M. Macaso, the Supervising Principal, Mrs. Mildred E. Garcia; the Officer-in-charge and the Holy Cross Sisters Sr. Nelia J. Montuya, SHC and Sr. Mary Eileen M. Mediana, SHC and all other members of administrative Council Mrs. Maria Teresa O. Delos Santos, Mr. Ildefonso Gonzales, and Ms. Jerrylyn Gimena.

When MAPSA Diocese of Antipolo School Visitation fast tracked to visit SMPS immediately after the turn-over of directorship to Rev. Fr. Noeh E. Elnar the quest of Fr. Roy B. Crucero to improve the school was abruptly attended to by Fr. Noeh E. Elnar with his vulnerability and dynamism to mention for half a year during the 2nd Semester of S.Y. 2006-2007 the results of the visitation was commendable in the areas of administration, faculty and Non-Teaching Personnel, instructional media, School philosophy Vision-Mission, Student Activity Program, instructional program and students services, community services and integral evangelization. Based on the recommendations of the Visiting Team, Fr. Noeh E. Elnar worked so hard to assist the school as a whole in its development projects such as putting up an air-conditioned Computer Laboratory Room and tied-up with the Genetic IT to ensure the technological know-how of the students, faculty and staff.

Last, January 25, 2008 four of our students namely; Paul Albert M. Manguiat, Fritzie Anne Sta.Ana, Krizia Anne Klein Alcantara and Ian Kennedy S. Lozano participated in the 1st Genetic IT Olympiad at the Mall of Asia, Seashell Drive, Pasay City and took home the Over-All 2nd placer among many schools and Champion for the Emazing Race Category, evidences of Computer literacy and upgrading the Last October 25, 2008 at Gateway Mall, Cubao Quezon City they participated well in the Pinoy Robot games.

A kiosk was built up which becomes the student Activity Center. The TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) laboratory was put up in the Annex Building adjacent to the Mother House of the Holy Cross Sisters across the Parish Office where a Preschool ( Nursery, Junior and Senior Kindergarten ) was put up. Several equipments were procured to make the Science Laboratory Room conducive to discovery learning and experimentation. A canopy in front of the Administrative building was installed. A Speech laboratory was also put up to foster better communication skills of students. During an Institutional Development Planning, the SMPS Student handbook was revised and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) handbook was made as operational guidelines in the management of the entire educational system. Primarily, to achieve the goals of quality Christian education and community service.

 Fr. Noeh E. Elnar introduced religious and parish activities where there should be an active involvement of the constituents of SMPS such as the PREX (Parish Renewal Experience), Bibliarasal, Dawn Rosary and Procession in coordination with parish ministries and organizations as it celebrates its 44th Foundation Year, it continues to respond to the current trends of education in the global perspective.

Furthermore, SY 2011-2012 the St. Michael Parochial continues to soar high amidst challenges and problems concerning enrollees because of new schools that sprouted within the town of Jalajala both private and public. With the new administration of Rev. Fr. Romarico V. Hilario as the new director the school find ways how to maintain the number of enrollees using various strategies and campaigns to attract and motivate the parents to enroll their children in St. Michael Parochial School. But because of poverty many of the parents enroll their children in public school. Silently, we pray and do our best for excellence in academics and other aspects of learning.

Rev. Fr. Romarico V. Hilario with a daring spirit carries on the spirit of loving service and upholds the vision and mission of the school and its good practices and culture. He continues to help and direct the personnel of the school giving importance to the various activities of the school especially the spiritual aspect. During his time we started to pray the devotion to St. Michael the Archangel. He also initiated to construct a new building, comfort room, tiled, furnished the TLE room for future use and acquired new and modern technology for the use of the students like interactive board, drum sets and others. For 4 years we continuously wander in God’s mercy and love. He initiated and motivated us to open Senior High School. On June 2015, Most Rev. Bishop Gabriel V. Reyes, D.D. appointed Rev. Msgr. Pedro C. Cañonero to be our new school director and principal.

            SY 2015-2016 is again a new beginning, new curriculum, new administration and new experiences. This is the year of more challenges and updating because of the new administration and the rise of K+12 Curriculum or Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013.  Teachers and Administrators were sent to various seminars to be updated with the new trends.  We have done a lot of preparation in all aspects just to comply with the requirements that the Department of Education was asking. 

S.Y. 2016-2017 we opened the Grade 11 of Senior High School- Academic Track with General Academic Strand (GAS) and elective of Information Communication Technology ICT.  It was indeed a year of discovering how the Lord works and how He continues to sustain us with His grace and love.  At present, more students are coming to enroll for S.Y. 2017-2018.  The administration planned to open an ABM Track for school year 2018-2019.

Msgr. Pedro C. Cañonero our daring director, found ways to upkeep the school with its structure. Total renovation of the school building and repainting in the High School and Elementary building for the students to be used as their second home. It was School Year 2018-2019 that the Alumni Officers and members raised fund for the total renovation of the ladies comfort room besides the speech laboratory.

On the same year the school acquired several television in the Junior High School room and in the Elementary building also the Digital Light Processing (DLP) for the teachers to use to cope with the fast and modern way of learning especially in the Senior High School.

The School Year 2018-2019 was the last year of Rev. Msgr. Pedro C. Cañonero as our school director and principal.

He will be succeeded by Rev. Ff. Glenn William Z. Relucio, MaEd. Cand. On May 2019 at the same time serve as DACSA Superintendent.


Admission Policies and Guidelines


Admission Committee

Every student has the right to enroll in St. Michael Parochial School upon meeting the specific requirements pertinent to the rules and regulations. Likewise, admission committee is created to facilitate the legal entry of student. It is composed of the following:

Chairperson: Registrar
Members: Academic Coordinator
Guidance Counselor
School Cashier

Admission Procedure

1. For New/ Incoming/ Transferees

1.1 See the guidance counselor for interview and wait for the result.
1.2 Proceed to Registrar’s Office. Then, secure registrations form and fill it up completely.
1.3 Submit the duly filled-up registration form to the Registrar for checking and encoding.
1.4 Proceed to Finance Office, for the assessment and payment of fees.
1.5 Go back to Registrar’s Office; present the registration form with approval signature of the cashier if payment has been made.
1.6 Wait for Enrollment List to be given by the Registrar to the class adviser on the first day of classes.

2. Old students

2.1 Secure Registration Form from Registrar’s Office and fill it up completely.
2.2 Submit duly filled-up registration form together with the admission credentials to the registrar for checking and encoding.
2.3 Proceed to Finance Office for assessment and payment of fees.
2.4 Go back to Registrar’s Office present the registration form with the approval signature of the cashier if payment has been made.
2.5 Wait for Enrollment List to be given by the registrar to the class adviser on the first day of classes.

NOTE: NO Entrance Payment, NO “Admit to Class”

Admission Requirements

1. For Incoming Kindergarten pupil:
1.1 Photocopy of Birth Certificate (PSA)
1.2 Baptismal Certificate (Photocopy)
1.3 1pcs. I.D. picture (2×2)

1. For Kindergarten Transferees:

1.1. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (PSA)
1.2. Baptismal Certificate (Photocopy)
1.3. 1pcs. I.D. picture (2×2)
1.4. Report Card

2. For Incoming Grade 1 pupil:

2.1 PSA/Birth Certificate
2.2 Baptismal Certificate
2.3 Kindergarten Certificate of Completion
2.4 Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Checklist
2.5 1pcs. I.D. picture (2×2)

3. For Incoming Grade 7:

3.1 Photocopy of Birth Certificate (PSA)
3.2 Baptismal Certificate (Photocopy)
3.3 SF 9 Grade 6 (Card)
3.4 Certificate of Good Moral Character
3.5 1pcs. I.D. picture (2×2)
3.6 Grade 6 Certificate of Completion (Photocopy)

4. For Incoming Grade 11:

4.1 Photocopy of Birth Certificate (PSA)
4.2 Baptismal Certificate (Photocopy)
4.3 SF 9 Grade 10 (Card)
4.4 Certificate of Good Moral Character
4.5 1pcs. I.D. picture (2×2)
4.6 Grade 10 Certificate of Completion (Photocopy)

5. For High School Transferees:

5.1. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (PSA)
5.2. Baptismal Certificate (Photocopy)
5.3. SF 9 (Card)
5.4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
5.5. 1pcs. I.D. picture (2×2)
5.6. Grade 6 Certificate of Completion (Photocopy)

Standing Policies on Students’ Tuition Fees Discounts and Entitlement

1. Academic Scholarship (Not Applicable to NKP)
1.1. Rank 1- 100% discount tuition fee
1.2. Rank 2- 50% discount tuition fee

2. Parents enrolling with 3 or more Children (High School)

2.1. 2nd Child- 5% discount tuition fee
2.2. 3rd Child- 10% discount tuition fee
2.3. 4th Child- 15% discount tuition fee
2.4. 5th Child- 20% discount tuition fee

3. Faculty & Personnel Kin (Children)

3.1. 1st Child- free tuition fee
3.2. 2nd Child- 50% discount tuition fee
3.3. 3rd Child- 25% discount tuition fee

4. One (1) Nephew/Niece (First Degree) in Service of 5 Years and Above

4.1. 50% discount tuition fee

5. Government Scholarships (for Junior High School)

5.1. FAPE-DepEd-ESC (Fund for Assistance Program in Education)
All with proper certification from the Registrar’s Office and Scholarship Coordinator approved by the School Director/Principal.

5 Transfer of Students and Transfer Credentials

A student enrolled in SMPS is entitled to transfer to another school provided that he has no unsettled obligations. Upon approval of the Principal/ Registrar, a dropping form shall be accomplished to facilitate the transfer of student.
A certificate of eligibility for transfer shall be issued to student within a week after filing a dropping form or after the close of the school year, as the case may be.

6 Withholding of Credentials

The release of the transfer credentials or any academic record to students may be withheld for the following reason:
1. Non-payment of financial obligations
2. With unsettled property accountability
3. Non-compliance of Clearances
4. Student requesting is under suspension not yet lifted.

Student Manual - AY 2020-2021

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